Buy Regions Colored Red and Orange Monopoly

Playing monopoly with friends is fun. For those of you who don’t know the rules of the game, let’s first understand how to play monopoly here! By playing it, you and your friends don’t need to leave the house or spend a lot of money going on trips.

This could be a cheap activity with friends. However, before starting to play, it’s a good idea to know how to play monopoly first. This is done so that you and your friends enjoy the correct way to play Monopoly and avoid cheating. So, how do you play monopoly correctly? Come on, find out how to play monopoly in the following article.

Buying all the properties passed is indeed an effective strategy for winning Monopoly, but it would still be better if you bo slot gacor could control the red and orange areas which include Rome, Shanghai and Vancouver in the orange area or Sydney, New York and London in the orange area. red.

1. Don’t Bank
If you want to win in Monopoly, make sure you don’t become a banker. In Monopoly, there is a role that takes care of the money coming in and out of players when a transaction occurs, whether it’s buying territory, paying debts, or buying property.

2. Never Save Money
Even though we know that saving is a way to become rich in the real world, in reality in this game saving will only make you lose early. Spend as much money as possible, especially early in the game when you can freely buy territory or property.

3. Invest in as many properties as possible
At the start of the game, most Monopoly players tend to be too picky about which property they should buy, whether to buy a house or buy a hotel, or why the property price is so cheap. In fact, according to experts in the Monopoly game, this strategy is a bad strategy.

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