Exuma Property For Sale in the Bahamas

There is a wide variety of Exuma Property available for sale. Whether you want to invest in a vacation rental or build a permanent residence, there is an Exuma Property for sale that is right for you. The property has several server kamboja benefits, including two fresh water wells, a 2,500-gal R/O system, a Generac automatic turn-on generator, and a 2,200-gal propane tank.

In addition to being a tourist destination, the Exuma Islands are also a prime location for real estate. Rental rates for vacation homes are flexible and unconstrained by government restrictions, allowing for free negotiation between landlord and tenant. With a strong economic and business environment, Exuma is a great place to invest in real estate.

Exuma real estate is typically made up of local homes, vacation homes, and vacant land. In addition, there is a Land and Cay Park on Exuma, which was established in 1958 and is managed by the Bahamas National Trust. The Exuma Cays are famous for their miles of sandy beaches and are home to many native species, including sharks, but they are completely harmless to humans.

The Exuma Islands have reliable phone lines and cable internet access. In addition, the islands offer clean water, their own mahjong ways recycling center, and a currency that is independent of American dollars. The island also has its own airport, which is 15 miles north-west of the capital city, George Town. It receives regular flights from Atlanta and Nassau.

The Club Peace & Plenty is a landmark hotel in Georgetown, the principal settlement of Exuma. It has been attracting British royalty and celebrities for decades. It is also a popular tourist destination. Located on Elizabeth Harbour, the Club Peace & Plenty offers dockage for tenders on both sides of the island, with room for future marina development.

Exuma Island is home to the best powder white sand beaches in The Bahamas. The Exuma islands are perfect for second homes. The real estate on these islands is a mixture of luxurious homes and laid-back island houses. There are 365 islands and cays in the Exumas, ranging in size from one-man cays to large estates. And because of the low Bahamian tax rate for foreigners, Exuma property is relatively inexpensive.

You can stay at several Exuma properties, including the luxury Seaside Cottage Seabiscuit in George Town. This property is close to many attractions, including the Tropic of Cancer Beach and Blow Hole Beach. There are also exuma real estate in George Town and the surrounding area that offer a great beach view.

If you’re looking for a vacation rental, there are plenty of Exuma Property rentals available for sale. Choose between a luxury beachfront home or a rental home with WiFi and outdoor seating. The Sandbar New Luxury Oceanfront Home is another great option, with 5 bedrooms and a kitchen and nexus slot garage.

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