Oppo reno 6 – How it Compares With Its Competitors


The new Oppo reno6 from Samsung is all about cutting the weight and space. At just over eight inches, it is one of the smallest Smartphones in the market. It has a dual rear fingerprint scanner and soft touch Quick Panel keypad. There are many other user-friendly features as well including: oppo reno 6

o Android operating system – The Android system on the Oppo Reno runs smoothly on this smartphone, which has been modified to suit this new size. The default interface of the smartphone is smooth and attractive, giving a unique user experience. The chipset of the Oppo reno6 supports a MediaTek Menta HD camera module, which is capable of shooting high definition videos. The smartphone is also compatible with a wide range of connectivity options such as Bluetooth, HSDPA, EDGE and USB.

o Plenty of storage space – The Oppo reno6 comes with plenty of storage space, which is expandable via micro-SD. Apart from the built-in memory, the device also sported a slot for add on cards. There is a slot for MMC card and memory card. The 2 mp front camera along with the 12 mp main camera is capable of taking clear pictures.

o Dual SIM card – The Oppo reno6 pro has a dual SIM card, which enables users to change their SIM cards whenever they wish. This allows you to have two active sim cards at the same time, without having to change the SIM card in another device. Users can enjoy a number of calling options with their second number. The micro SD card can also be enlarged to a larger size so that more pictures can be stored.

o Amazing features – The Oppo reno6 comes with an impressively long list of features, which include a high-definition camera, a touch screen, optical zoom, pan & tilt, auto focus, dual screen recording, video recording, a motorized flash, large LCD display, an advanced image stabilization system, and a high speed connectivity. It also comes with a customizable Quick launch bar, which helps in easy launching of applications. It has a unique self-cleaning feature that ensures all phones are kept free of dust. The processor also runs at a great speed, and the battery has a high refresh rate for extended usage.

Users need to buy accessories for this smartphone to ensure complete hands-free use. The accessories that are required include the silicone skin case, silicone cases and earbuds. This Oppo reno6 who is certainly one of the best smartphones that have been launched so far. It offers the user a lot of comfort along with some amazing features that have made it stand out amongst the competitors in the smartphone market.

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